Take It Easy

I was reading Siddhartha and I came across the scene where the merchant, Kamaswasi was scolding Siddhartha for not buying rice and wasting time, Siddhartha replied saying that it’s a waste of time to scold. The reason why Siddhartha couldn’t buy the rice was because it was sold before he got to the village. The usual response to a situation like this would be to get annoyed and possibly even push out one’s anger onto others. By reading Siddhartha, you would already know that Siddhartha is an extraordinary character, but this scene stuck out to me because I never thought about the choices we’re able to choose from in any situation. I react unconsciously and without hesitation to almost everything and I never bothered to question why. When Siddhartha found out about the rice, he decided to stay in the village, instead of grudgingly going back to Kamaswasi’s place unsatisfied. He realized there were two choices to this situation, either come back unhappy or experience and absorb from his surroundings which would lead him to temporary happiness and would in essence, make the journey feel whole. The lesson is clear and simple, it’s stupid to waste your energy and time on being discontent because you accomplish nothing, you make yourself and others feel worse, and you’re so focused on your unhappiness you forget about everything else. Once you let distress become the main focus of the situation you’re in, you’ll often make bad choices and it’ll harm the good around you. Though on occasion it’s good to acknowledge what has happened and let it go, I haven’t found what my main goal in life is or what it is that I live for, but I know that life isn’t about finding happiness or love, it’s about experience. Make of whatever situation you’re in, better than what you’d expect. “God is a comedian playing to an audience too afraid to laugh”  , so laugh off what’s making you angry because not everything is as serious as you think. The moment you start to actually analyze what made you upset, you start to realize that it’s insignificant. Actions based off on anger can lead to regret, so make clear of the decisions you make and say and act cautiously.



Songs could do that?

Do you ever listen to music and you feel instantly inspired? I’m feeling the exact same thing. Music and basically art in general, is so weird, it can inspire us to think/create things, it can change your mood, and when you’re listening to the right song, you can feel serene. I think this is only me, but I can never listen to music when I’m studying, especially if there are lyrics.  Currently I’m listening to Erik Satie’s three Gymnopédies, and it is insanely fantastic, the way the sound lingers after having pressed down a key is pure velvet. I could listen to this song all day- it’s one of those songs, that if you had the choice to only listen to one song for the rest of your life, it’d be this. I feel like the first of the three Gymnopédies isn’t something to listen to while you have your focus on something else, you have to take a moment to set aside the very song in peace to appreciate the instrumental. This doesn’t mean that you have to listen to music alone to appreciate it, it’s just nice to take into the detail of the tempo and melody in a song. I’m not a music genius, so for those who are musical geeks, I apologize for any misuse of technicality. It’s funny how music can further your pain or happiness, sometimes when I’m mad I just want to listen to aggressive songs and that only fuels the fire to my anger , but on occasion it provides an escape into another world. When my headphones are in(on full blast of course) it feels like nothing else matters and my perspective changes depending on the song. We all have that one song or band that gets us pumped and makes us feel as fierce as Beyoncé when she steps out on the stage with wind blowing in her hair and it is excruciatingly essential. And lastly, there’s the sad song that we listen to when were feeling blue or artistic, and I sometimes reenact the person-looking-out-the-window-scenes-in-deep-concentration pretending that I’m filming for an actual movie when I listen to something sad. I’ve barely touched the peak of how music affects and there is so much more to say about music just like how there’s always room for more ideas, but I’ll conclude by saying that music to me, is a stress reliever and possibly, a friend.


It’s Better to be Deaf than to Hear the things You Only Want to Hear

I’ve been reading this novel, 1984 and there was a scene where the main character, Winston, had a flashback to a time where the thought police didn’t exist and the government wasn’t tyrannical. The thought police gather those who commit thought crimes, who then get executed and erased from history. A thought crime is when you start becoming self-aware of your surroundings, and it’s taught that people are trained to see whether you’re following the status quo. Fear is instilled within the people of Oceania which ultimately makes the government more powerful. They’re taught to not think for themselves, to accept any given information only based on the fact that what the government says, is what’s true. I wonder before all of this, how this came to be, how individuals failed to defend their self expression; this is just fiction, but questions still dawn on me. If totalitarianism took over, how would our generation react to this change and would anyone even react at all? Is it possible to lose our own control to a higher power that is the result of our decisions? In some ways I believe it can go either way, there is an equal possibility of our government streaming to totalitarianism and it not. Again, I’m not saying the government is what can make the state totalitarian, but ourselves that hold the most control. For those of us living in America, we’re able to express opinions without having someone validate what we say before we say it. We have one of the greatest gifts mankind can hold, which is free speech. We’ve been practicing free speech for millenniums and it seems as if our creativity is limitless. But like all generations, there is always a flaw. We silence those who we don’t want to listen to, even if it’s working for our benefit and this becomes arbitrary. It’s through our selfishness that we begin to silence the things that we don’t want to hear however this is limited to trolls online or offline because honestly trolls are just ridiculous, no one needs to pay attention to them. You need to be open to new ideas, if you’re only listening to the things you want to hear, you’d be better off being deaf. The majority of this generation would be better off not being able to hear anything and I say this because we act without reason, we adapt to what our ancestors or the generation before us did and we don’t learn from it. We don’t understand that some things are wrong and we don’t question it, we merely accept it, just like how the sheep-people in 1984 accept whatever the government tells them what to do because they make the decision unconsciously to think without logic. We are the problem and we need to fix it. There was once an experiment where monkeys were put into a cage with bananas stuck at the top of a ladder, each time one of the monkeys went to get the bananas,  the other monkeys would get soaked with water. The other monkeys eventually beat up the one that reached for the bananas and so that monkey was replaced. The new monkey did the same thing and reached for the bananas, and the other monkeys would get soaked so they beat up the new monkey and so they understood that every time anyone reached for the bananas there would be a punishment. The new monkey understood this and when another monkey was put in and did the same thing, the new monkey joined in on the brutality. This is a paradox to how things are now or have been. These technical terms like “girly” and “manly” are examples of gender roles that we should abide by, but why? Who decided the color pink was “girly” and that drinking beer and watching football is “manly”? This is only a portion of how we as a society hold our values and punish those who are beyond what is considered the “norm” just because the people before us acted this way. But at the same time, we’re learning to question ourselves and why we hold such values and this community is growing. This is a vast improvement and I can only hope this movement presses forward.


How Should Loners be Viewed?

In society’s eyes, being alone can be viewed as a questionable and foreign behavior. When we see someone sitting alone we tend to shift towards the negative reasons of why someone would be alone. We all know how it feels to be inadvertently alone in public, but even with perspective we continue to assume that people who are alone are weird. There are moments where it seems like everyone is in conversation, but you. So you start to question yourself and your social standing and wonder whether no one is talking to you because you have a piece of lettuce from the salad you ate that day wedged between your teeth and you start thinking if you smell weird or give off a vibe that reads “back off”. All these little insecurities that weren’t there suddenly erupt like a volcano, and still you’re wondering whether you’re not good enough. Through these experiences, you conjure this idea that those who are alone, have the insecurities you thought about and so the cycle continues. Then there are the moments where some of us decide to be alone. I define solitude as having a thought or moment only to yourself. I think you can be surrounded by others and still be alone, I feel like the little discoveries and inquisitions you make is what sets you apart from talking to someone with talking with yourself(not literally though). The best time to be alone is any time especially if you’ve been on your computer or phone the whole day. Even though what others say might not affect you, there’s a notable difference of peace when you’re with someone versus when you aren’t. It’s great to take some time for yourself, it’s like a cheat day, but for your mind. The downside of being alone is that it can be boring and uncomfortable at first, but as soon as you pass through that uncomfortable phase, things start turning up and you might enjoy it more than you’d expect. If you don’t know where to start ,do the things you’d do with your friends, but by yourself. If you didn’t notice already, being alone is pretty fantastic so the next time you’re by yourself don’t resort to playing flappy bird on your smartphone, take the time to appreciate the moment you’re in, even if it’s bad. I guess being alone isn’t so weird after all.

home alone

Money isn’t Success

I feel like I’m the only person that gets an anxiety attack at the thought of college. There is so much pressure that you face when you’re in high school, and this is only my second year. I think it’s bizarre how people expect you know to what you want to be for the rest of your life in just four years. Time is moving faster than ever and being that I am a decent high school student, it’s hard to find free time to explore your interests and skills. Just thinking about the future is generally scary. I feel like college is encouraged to make you believe that going, will lead to success. People say if you succeed in school, you will succeed in life and this is true to a certain extent. However success shouldn’t be measured by the amount of money you make/have. Getting good grades in school shows that you’re a hard worker and that you can follow directions well, but how can this apply to our lives outside of our future jobs we may or may not have. In a way, I feel it’s implemented in our brains, that school should be our main focus. We’re told to go to school so we can go to college, which allows us to get a job. This means that money is the core reason why most students go to school. To many, earning a living seems to be our main focus in life. I think the majority of kids that go to school only focus on what they need to learn to earn a good grade. Some students will even join extracurricular activities just so they can make an impression to the school they’re applying for, even if they have no interest in the activity they’re involved in. The value of learning drops, as competition rises. School no longer feels like a place of learning, it just feels like you’re competing for your life in the Hunger Games. Our own desires become second to getting the job we want. To most, the information we learn in school becomes extra “fluff”-things we’re only studying for to attain our dream job. Learning is important as it can help shape who we become and increases our analytical abilities, we should also want to learn solely concerning our education, not where you’ll be in four years. Investing your time on gaining more money will lead you nowhere, so rely on school to help educate you into who you want to be, and this is where real success is achieved. Who we are in school, doesn’t define who we are.

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