How Should Loners be Viewed?

In society’s eyes, being alone can be viewed as a questionable and foreign behavior. When we see someone sitting alone we tend to shift towards the negative reasons of why someone would be alone. We all know how it feels to be inadvertently alone in public, but even with perspective we continue to assume that people who are alone are weird. There are moments where it seems like everyone is in conversation, but you. So you start to question yourself and your social standing and wonder whether no one is talking to you because you have a piece of lettuce from the salad you ate that day wedged between your teeth and you start thinking if you smell weird or give off a vibe that reads “back off”. All these little insecurities that weren’t there suddenly erupt like a volcano, and still you’re wondering whether you’re not good enough. Through these experiences, you conjure this idea that those who are alone, have the insecurities you thought about and so the cycle continues. Then there are the moments where some of us decide to be alone. I define solitude as having a thought or moment only to yourself. I think you can be surrounded by others and still be alone, I feel like the little discoveries and inquisitions you make is what sets you apart from talking to someone with talking with yourself(not literally though). The best time to be alone is any time especially if you’ve been on your computer or phone the whole day. Even though what others say might not affect you, there’s a notable difference of peace when you’re with someone versus when you aren’t. It’s great to take some time for yourself, it’s like a cheat day, but for your mind. The downside of being alone is that it can be boring and uncomfortable at first, but as soon as you pass through that uncomfortable phase, things start turning up and you might enjoy it more than you’d expect. If you don’t know where to start ,do the things you’d do with your friends, but by yourself. If you didn’t notice already, being alone is pretty fantastic so the next time you’re by yourself don’t resort to playing flappy bird on your smartphone, take the time to appreciate the moment you’re in, even if it’s bad. I guess being alone isn’t so weird after all.

home alone


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