Songs could do that?

Do you ever listen to music and you feel instantly inspired? I’m feeling the exact same thing. Music and basically art in general, is so weird, it can inspire us to think/create things, it can change your mood, and when you’re listening to the right song, you can feel serene. I think this is only me, but I can never listen to music when I’m studying, especially if there are lyrics.  Currently I’m listening to Erik Satie’s three Gymnopédies, and it is insanely fantastic, the way the sound lingers after having pressed down a key is pure velvet. I could listen to this song all day- it’s one of those songs, that if you had the choice to only listen to one song for the rest of your life, it’d be this. I feel like the first of the three Gymnopédies isn’t something to listen to while you have your focus on something else, you have to take a moment to set aside the very song in peace to appreciate the instrumental. This doesn’t mean that you have to listen to music alone to appreciate it, it’s just nice to take into the detail of the tempo and melody in a song. I’m not a music genius, so for those who are musical geeks, I apologize for any misuse of technicality. It’s funny how music can further your pain or happiness, sometimes when I’m mad I just want to listen to aggressive songs and that only fuels the fire to my anger , but on occasion it provides an escape into another world. When my headphones are in(on full blast of course) it feels like nothing else matters and my perspective changes depending on the song. We all have that one song or band that gets us pumped and makes us feel as fierce as Beyoncé when she steps out on the stage with wind blowing in her hair and it is excruciatingly essential. And lastly, there’s the sad song that we listen to when were feeling blue or artistic, and I sometimes reenact the person-looking-out-the-window-scenes-in-deep-concentration pretending that I’m filming for an actual movie when I listen to something sad. I’ve barely touched the peak of how music affects and there is so much more to say about music just like how there’s always room for more ideas, but I’ll conclude by saying that music to me, is a stress reliever and possibly, a friend.



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