Take It Easy

I was reading Siddhartha and I came across the scene where the merchant, Kamaswasi was scolding Siddhartha for not buying rice and wasting time, Siddhartha replied saying that it’s a waste of time to scold. The reason why Siddhartha couldn’t buy the rice was because it was sold before he got to the village. The usual response to a situation like this would be to get annoyed and possibly even push out one’s anger onto others. By reading Siddhartha, you would already know that Siddhartha is an extraordinary character, but this scene stuck out to me because I never thought about the choices we’re able to choose from in any situation. I react unconsciously and without hesitation to almost everything and I never bothered to question why. When Siddhartha found out about the rice, he decided to stay in the village, instead of grudgingly going back to Kamaswasi’s place unsatisfied. He realized there were two choices to this situation, either come back unhappy or experience and absorb from his surroundings which would lead him to temporary happiness and would in essence, make the journey feel whole. The lesson is clear and simple, it’s stupid to waste your energy and time on being discontent because you accomplish nothing, you make yourself and others feel worse, and you’re so focused on your unhappiness you forget about everything else. Once you let distress become the main focus of the situation you’re in, you’ll often make bad choices and it’ll harm the good around you. Though on occasion it’s good to acknowledge what has happened and let it go, I haven’t found what my main goal in life is or what it is that I live for, but I know that life isn’t about finding happiness or love, it’s about experience. Make of whatever situation you’re in, better than what you’d expect. “God is a comedian playing to an audience too afraid to laugh”  , so laugh off what’s making you angry because not everything is as serious as you think. The moment you start to actually analyze what made you upset, you start to realize that it’s insignificant. Actions based off on anger can lead to regret, so make clear of the decisions you make and say and act cautiously.



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