Two Small, But Big Words

I found this awesome post at that made me think about what the words “thank you” can mean to me.Sometimes the words “thank you” can change your mood, and even your whole day. I’m not talking about the ironic thank yous, but the ones that actually make you feel good. I remember when I was a kid, I used to HATE saying thank you, this was mostly because I didn’t really like talking to people. And growing up, my older brother would scold me thinking that I wasn’t grateful for anything in my life, which was totally untrue. I was always grateful, I just never expressed it. When I did say thank you it was the most awkward thank you you would ever hear, I’d mumble half the words and scurry off and it wouldn’t sound sincere(but it was). I’m more comfortable saying the words now, but I can’t remember the last time I said the words, and I’m not talking about the little thank yous you give for the kid that holds the door. I’m talking about the big wholehearted-in-your-face type of thank you. The message you receive that tells you that you’re appreciated, loved, and cared for. It’s not the words that make others feel happy, it’s the meaning behind it. It’s a way to spread love, and it’s the only thing that should be spread from one person to another. It makes me feel good when I say thank you too because I know that at least the person I’m talking doesn’t feel like they’re not noticed. I don’t think thank yous should be limited only to people, appreciation for everything and anything should be considered. I think one of the best times to thank something, is when you’re in a bad situation because it helps you grow and learn as a person. What you decide to act on is your decision, and it makes you-you. When you’re feeling awful and you’re at that limit where you’re about to break and you can’t handle what’s going on, keep fighting the desire to give up because what would all the struggle that you’ve gone through,had been for if you just gave up in the end? Be grateful that you’ve gone through something terrible to brag about how you’ve dealt with it. Is this something to be prideful of? Heck yeah! The little thank yous are also important; at times it can be the most uplifting part of one’s day. When I hold the door out for someone and they say thank you, it makes me glad that I held the door out for them when I could have gotten in earlier. When it comes to showing appreciation sometimes the only words you need are “thank you”.



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