Putting More Work Into Procrastinating Than Actually Doing It

I hate procrastinating, but I always end up doing it anyways. I’m a lazy person and when I’m given homework, I try to lag the work until the last day. My chemistry class is a good reference to my system of procrastination. The first thing I do when I’m assigned homework is look at the due date, which is most likely due the next day. My chemistry teachers loves assigning us reading everyday, and sometimes he repeats the homework to make sure we retain what we read. Teachers who assign things like this are great, but I take it the wrong way. I decide that I can just do all of the reading that was due at the end of the week ,the day before all of the reading is due. There’s always a voice at the back of my head saying that I should start working on my homework because I will fail that class, and then there’s the voice that I follow. I try to drown out what I should be doing by doing things that I shouldn’t be doing, like watching videos on youtube. So I come home at four and the clock has struck 9 and I’m realizing that I could have gotten so much work done if I had stuck to doing my work. The logical thing to do, is to start the work after realizing that you will fail the class, but I just get even more worried and decide to procrastinate some more. I have a real problem. I spend so much time thinking about how difficult or tedious my work is, that, that’s all I accomplish when all that energy could have gone to ACTUALLY doing something. Sometimes I’ll just go into my living room and find ANY excuse to get me away from doing my homework. I’ll take out the trash, walk my dog, wash the dishes, or just sit and literally do NOTHING so I don’t have to deal with starting my homework. I do this a lot, so this piles up, fast. So on top of the homework that’s due tomorrow, I have to worry about the homework that was due, like a week ago. However there are also the times where I actually do my homework on the day it’s assigned, but even then I’m procrastinating along the way. The second I open my chemistry book, I’m hungry so I grab a snack, but then I realize it’s been over an hour. There is no point in continuing my work, if I already wasted half of my time eating. The final day comes along, and by 9PM I decide that I really need to finish my stuff, so I do and I end up going to school with about 3-4 hours of sleep. Along those frustrating hours of trying to finish my work, I realize that the homework wasn’t as dreadful as I thought. All I can think about now, is how thinking about something too much or too little isn’t a good thing. While I was distracted, I tried little to think about the mounting piles of homework, so when I got around to doing it, I was a mess.When I thought about it too much, I got anxious so I resorted to distractions which wasn’t a great solution to my problem. I had good intentions in the beginning, but I fell through during the process. Stop being a nugget, and go by the nike slogan and just do it.



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