Humor Is Tricky

I love sharing things that I think are funny with others because I want to make others smile, and when they do ,it feels like we accomplished something together. Delivering great jokes is the equivalent of winning a debate with people cheering you on by the sides. You’ve got that smug smile almost breaking through, but you play it cool acting like it happens all the time. But when things don’t go as planned, it’s like singing in the shower and having a stranger knock on your door telling you to shutup. It’s that fist clenching moment that makes you feel like the man whose cry sounds like a dying duck.Everyone has a different idea of what funny is, what you think they might find funny, might be the opposite. Another person’s humor is something you can never be certain about unless you’re related to them, then you might have a clearer idea of what they find funny because families usually share the same sense of humor(but honestly, who really wants to share jokes with their thirty-five uncle who eats cheesy potatos every friday night). I get really worked up about telling funny jokes or stories and when someone doesn’t laugh, my heart sinks. I think about those breathing practices and hand motions I learned from doing yoga with my mom and watching Sharpay get ready to sing on stage. By then I’m in the phase where I fight off the fact that I am butthurt, when really that’s all I can think about. The last step, so universally known among un-funny people is regret. Oh GOSH! WHY DID I JUST SAY THAT. JUST LOOK LIKE YOU’RE UNAFFECTED BY THEIR CONFUSED FACES. DON’T TRY TO EXPLAIN IT, IT’LL MAKE THINGS WORSE. But then you go ahead and try to explain how that thing is funny by shoving it down their throat….but it never goes well. Most times I’ll be stuck in a situation where I can’t recover quickly so I’ll bob my head and avoid as much eye contact to shield myself from my audience’s laser eyes of judgement. Sometimes you just have to embrace the fact that people have different likes and dislikes or accept that humor isn’t your strong area. If you enjoy what you do, keep doing it, embarrassment is temporary anyways.



A baby possum and family pride

I remember the time a baby possum came into my house, it was dark and I was with two of my brothers. I think it was during a weekend and we were alone. It was a memorable experience in my childhood that lived up to the romanticized adventure stories we’d hear, but never really cared about. We had a game plan to figure how to get the possum out. The oldest one of us, Solomon took charge of what we should do, how to cope with being under the same roof of a foreign MONSTER, and how we were going to execute our plan.


So our plan went like this.The first thing we did was to build a safeguard, because in no way were we going to catch rabies at the age of seven, nine, and eleven.  Protection was the most important tactic—and it was all we could think of. We gathered pillows from our bedrooms as fast as we could nearly tripping at the last step of the stairs, but we also had to make sure that the possum stay put while we gathered our defensive equipment. My youngest brother was watching over the possum that was behind our tv, while my brother and I slid over the stair railing into our protective space without going beyond our borders. We arranged our couches as a barricade, and that’s when we encountered our first problem. The only way we could get out of our homemade couch and pillow fort was to climb over and out of the staircase. I was the only flexible one so it all was all up to me to bring the necessities that kept our hungry hearts alive.


The adrenaline was pumping and we were fidgety from excitement, it was like getting ready for a track meet that determined where our ranks would be placed. We all knew that there wasn’t really a threat to our safety(because of the barricade), but at least I pretended to act as if it was. It was so fun joining forces against something that we were all against, that I forgot how unpredictable an animal could be. Being scared together was kind of….thrilling or perhaps I was the only one thinking this.


Later that night, my oldest brother, Isaac, came home and found out about the possum. He wasn’t mad that we messed up the house, he just laughed like he was in disbelief at how prepared we were to battle against a rabid possum. Okay so I’m exaggerating, the possum wasn’t rabid. It didn’t move at all, literally. My oldest brother had to get a golf club and drag the possum outside because it was playing dead the whole time it was in our house. Once the possum was out, it scurried back into the pile of leaves I’m guessing it came from. We got all hyped for something my oldest brother took care of, if we had known this I think nothing would have changed. We’d go through the experience even knowing what we did was redundant. I guess siblings aren’t so bad to live with.


“Sorry for not uploading”

Youtube seems like the perfect job, you hit the record button and you shoot what you want. It’s all up to you to think of the ideas and the content you want to share with the internet. However, with something good comes a flaw. I have no experience in creating videos and having a stable subscriber count, but I’ve seen the dark alleyways of youtube. The mistake that a lot of young youtubers make is, creating content based on the audience’s feedback. Applying the concept of supply and demand in videos, isn’t necessarily a BAD thing. In fact, it brings more viewers, people get to see what they want to see, and you become a better youtuber by using critique. However many times, people, specifically, youtubers see opinions as critique and eventually stop doing/get rid of the content that isn’t in the majority of the viewer’s vote. Sometimes it’s a good thing, because more people will continuously watch their videos because that pet peeve or whatever is gone. But on the other hand, the things that the creators had incorporated into their videos—are gone and that can mean part of their creativity.There’s a difference in using feedback to improve yourself, and using feedback to get popular. As youtubers focus more and more on what their viewers want to see, they forget about making videos their own. Eventually people get tired of making videos, later creating an apology and an explanation as to why they haven’t been filming. Every once in a while you see a video where a youtuber sits down and takes a video of themselves crying or being upset and later apologizing for showing it, like it’s such a shame to show how human a famous person can be. Connor Franta, Zoe Sugg(aka Zoella), and Claire Marshall are some youtubers that come to mind when it comes to being dehumanized. Like famous celebrities, youtuber is another category that is objectified like movie stars and such. There’s a pressure to keep up with appearances, to let people know that you are happy and that if you aren’t, then that’s a problem you don’t want to share with the world. While it makes sense that not everyone is comfortable with sharing their problems with random strangers, there is no reason to apologize for feeling blue, something that all humans understand. When a youtuber apologizes for getting stressed out, it feels like they’re saying ” I hope you still accept me after all of this”. Doesn’t that sound ridiculous? Occasionally you get the “youtube just isn’t the same anymore, it just feels like work”. What felt like a hobby in the beginning, now feels like working in a bland cubicle. Youtubers are expected to create interesting and frequent videos, but it’s hard to keep up with the standard. Others fall behind, and those that lack creativity base their content off of what their viewers want to see, they stop creating things that they genuinely want to do and eventually lose the passion for Youtube that was once there. This is what bothers me the most because during the past month I’ve listened to kids saying that they want to change their content to what fits their audience. They don’t understand how tiring it can be to write blog posts if it’s not to their benefit. Would you rather write posts about things you don’t have fun writing about with the exception that you have 10 million followers or write about things you’re interested in with 10 followers that genuinely like you for you? content


I’m currently sick right now, and I feel terrible. I just want to sleep all day and cry about the homework I have to finish by tonight. My brother randomly just brought a lot of snacks including hot cheetos, lays barbeque chips, kit kat, twix, gummy worms, and hersheys chocolate. This is probably some 6 year old’s dream, unfortunately I can’t enjoy ANY of it because I’m sick. So I have compiled a list of the good and the bad parts of being sick, let’s go!

Being Sick Sucks and here’s why:

  • you can’t taste anything, therefore you can’t enjoy any of the good food you eat during the time you’re sick
  • loss of appetite, especially when people buy you amazing food
  • you feel nauseous during the worst times(in school, work, etc)
  • you have to be conservative with your coughs and sneezes, so you’re constantly battling whether you should hold your cough or sneeze in
  • you have to hold your cough or sneeze in so people won’t be as annoyed as you
  • you can’t eat dairy products because it worsens your mucus, that means ICE CREAM, CHEESE, MILK
  • the minute the cough drop goes away is the minute your throat starts feeling like a sandbox
  • you’re tired constantly, even if you got enough sleep
  • you need tissues by your side like an iv tube
  • you have to eat healthier
  • you have to force unnatural amounts of water down your system
  • you can’t breathe out of your nose
  • you don’t feel like doing anything and that means watching a movie
  • you can’t wear awesome clothes
  • for some reason you’re voice box is like “nah, not today or the next couple of days” next thing you know you sound like nasally 12 year old boy nervously asking a girl to the eighth grade dance
  • your ears are blocked for 10 years

Before you start boiling with anger from remembering these experiences, here are reasons why having the common cold can be somewhat okay.

  • you feel extra toasty warm when you drink tea
  • you can eat healthy food without being bothered because you can’t taste it(hooray!)
  • you can easily pretend you’re feeling so awful you can’t bother to make yourself some food, so you get your brothers to
  • when you actually need to go to the bathroom when you’re in school, teachers are way more lenient
  • people stay away from you
  • family members are nicer to you
  • people don’t bother you(this mostly applies to introverts)
  • you get to eat cough drops(maybe it’s just me, but I’m a fan of cough drops)

I’m feeling terrible and I’ll probably wake up the next morning feeling less terrible. I could have sped up this cold, but that means I have to eat healthy and stay away from junk foods, which is …no bueno for me. Happy sunday to all!