Humor Is Tricky

I love sharing things that I think are funny with others because I want to make others smile, and when they do ,it feels like we accomplished something together. Delivering great jokes is the equivalent of winning a debate with people cheering you on by the sides. You’ve got that smug smile almost breaking through, but you play it cool acting like it happens all the time. But when things don’t go as planned, it’s like singing in the shower and having a stranger knock on your door telling you to shutup. It’s that fist clenching moment that makes you feel like the man whose cry sounds like a dying duck.Everyone has a different idea of what funny is, what you think they might find funny, might be the opposite. Another person’s humor is something you can never be certain about unless you’re related to them, then you might have a clearer idea of what they find funny because families usually share the same sense of humor(but honestly, who really wants to share jokes with their thirty-five uncle who eats cheesy potatos every friday night). I get really worked up about telling funny jokes or stories and when someone doesn’t laugh, my heart sinks. I think about those breathing practices and hand motions I learned from doing yoga with my mom and watching Sharpay get ready to sing on stage. By then I’m in the phase where I fight off the fact that I am butthurt, when really that’s all I can think about. The last step, so universally known among un-funny people is regret. Oh GOSH! WHY DID I JUST SAY THAT. JUST LOOK LIKE YOU’RE UNAFFECTED BY THEIR CONFUSED FACES. DON’T TRY TO EXPLAIN IT, IT’LL MAKE THINGS WORSE. But then you go ahead and try to explain how that thing is funny by shoving it down their throat….but it never goes well. Most times I’ll be stuck in a situation where I can’t recover quickly so I’ll bob my head and avoid as much eye contact to shield myself from my audience’s laser eyes of judgement. Sometimes you just have to embrace the fact that people have different likes and dislikes or accept that humor isn’t your strong area. If you enjoy what you do, keep doing it, embarrassment is temporary anyways.



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