We are the Main Characters and Extras in a Play

I haven’t paid much attention to my surroundings as I used to. When I would walk through the hallways of my school, I would look at everything and everyone around me. Nowadays I kind of just blur everything out. Have you ever played hide and seek and thought that if you didn’t see anything you assumed that no one could see you? Your perspective controlled the game, but you ended up losing. Child logic -0 reality -1.



After making unpleasant eye contact with other kids in middle school, I learned that people don’t look at other people as they walk by. It was this unspoken rule that I’ve only heard of by the eighth grade. Maybe I was just a weird kid, the stereotypical homeschooled kid that had a prom in their basement. Well whatever it was, I started doing what the normal thing was, it wasn’t much of a change. It’s kind of useful now, when I see someone I don’t want to talk to, I can just walk past them without feeling awkward. I use that same logic, as long as I don’t see them, they don’t see me. It’s kind of selfish to think that way, especially since people might think you’re looking at them when you’re just wandering off on your own business.



I came upon an instance where I met someone who was so focused on what they were doing, they didn’t even realize what was happening in the classroom. People would be talking amongst the tables in our classroom, and there’d be this girl who did her work and when you asked her something she was completely oblivious to the conversations heard so clearly amongst us. It was like she was in her own world, no one existed but her ,until eventually someone would break the barrier between the two worlds to ask for homework help.

bubble pop

Occasionally I’ll get into a binge of questioning everything, and a topic that comes up a lot is being in a society. I figured my public persona is the only thing that’s keeping me from becoming Equality 7-2521 from Anthem. I feel like I lose a connection to people when I just blur everyone out of the picture. It’s the same feeling you have when you lose connection to the internet, you’re left with the question of what do I do now. I’d probably be living in a cabin in the forest somewhere if it weren’t for the internet. Sometimes I get caught up by own thoughts I forget about the importance of the things around me.  Living in your own world, is like ignoring the world itself, but maybe I’m wrong.



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