Semester Reads


  • This One Summer kind of reminds me of this book I read as a kid called Mallory On the Move. The book has a “child-like” feel, it reminds you of the evil reasonings you thought of as a kid to use as a device for coping with the truth(like making quick judgements, pushing faults onto others so they would feel as horrible as you, and creating lies as a stepping stone of being the “better one”). You experience jealousy and the desire of coming to age which is the paradox of the main character, Rose’s younger summer friend. Overall this a fun book with tons of great visuals.

this is not the vs fashion show

  • Virgin Suicides is a very Dickens book and the story didn’t really get anywhere. I was expecting to enter this magical realm of mystery and discovery, but it was really just boys obsessing over dead girls. Unfortunately, the little evidence that the boys gathered didn’t have ties to the continuation of the “big” reveal. Besides the plot not going anywhere, the writing made the story feel ethereal and at times, gritty. In the end it was just a big purple prose.


  •  For One More Day was an accidental pick up when I was looking for Mitch Albom’s “Tuesdays with Morrie” , but I’m so grateful I kept it. The writing style matched well with the time period, and the themes and stories in the book are heart-felt. We learn the regrets of Charley “Chick” Benito and we get a glimpse of a loved one’s perspective with questions that finally get answered. If you’ve ever wondered how you affected a loved one,how they dealt with you, thought about you, and what happened in their lives, this is the book that you can live vicariously through.