A Few Complaints About Texting

Teenagers are supposed to be the “pros” of texting. I, on the other hand, am NOT a pro when it comes to texting. In fact, texting has always been complicated. It’s a great alternative to calling someone, when you don’t want to hear their voice, or your own. You can type out poop emojis to express fear, joy, pain, anger, but that’s what makes emojis confusing and people can misinterpret your message easily and often.

poop emoji

Figuring out the tone of a text can be as complex as watching shutter island at the age of seven. Key and Peele’s video about “Text Message Confusion” is a perfect example of how two people interpret one message. *Beware* profanity is to be expected( The title even says uncensored). You can always ask what the person meant in their message, but who wants to ask that regularly. It’s like asking someone what an acronym is every time they use it, it’s tiring.


Texting can be like the guessing game, you can go from using playful nicknames to getting into fight you weren’t aware of until they told you. There are so many youtube videos, vines, and memes about text messages going wrong. Then there’s this whole ordeal of when to text someone back, and waiting at least three days or some mumbo jumbo.


There is no amount of question marks and exclamation points to express your frustration correctly unlike a call, in which you’re able to sigh,laugh, scream, etc .Texting the word “sigh” or “ugh” doesn’t have the same effect as saying it out loud. You also can’t be sarcastic in text, which is unfortunate. I tried one time, but it ended up in a messy argument.


When you’re in a call with someone, you can detect how they feel and conversations are more sincere because it’s like talking to someone face to face. The reason why there are so many haters on the internet is because they don’t feel the repercussion they would get when they would actually say it in person. However this can also work to an advantage, if you’re too afraid to say something in person it’s easier to type it down.

crying man

Another thing I’d liked to point out, is read receipts. Dang those read receipts, I’ll be texting someone and waiting for their reply back when I see that sneaky word on the bottom labeled :“Read” . What is up with people reading your messages and not replying back? I know who’s not going to be invited to my ultra extravaganza laser tag birthday party next year.


If texting is complicated right now, I don’t know where I’ll be once everyone starts riding hoverboards. I miss having hour long phone conversations with close friends and being able to express how I feel during the moment. Phone calls are superior to texting when it comes building relationships and getting to know someone better. We’ve all heard those stories about people breaking up over the phone, but it’s worse when you text someone that you want to break up with them. When it comes to convenience texting is the better option, because who has time to call people nowadays? But overall ,I’d rather pick rare phone calls over conveniences.