Hi There Neighbor?

It’s funny how I’ve been sitting with the same classmates for months, and I haven’t learned much about them. It’s so ordinary to say, but once you say it, it’s weirder than you think. It’s a little sad to sit next to someone for months without even knowing what their favorite color is.

I think we all wear masks from time to time, especially in school. Being grouped up in a classroom gives you the opportunity to socialize with others, but once the bell rings, we’re all strangers again. Every thing we say or do is purely physical until we find someone who is willing and unafraid to friend you.

Sometimes I feel like there’s a universal law that you should open yourself up to classmates, but not too much. Not to the point where they realize who you ACTUALLY are.

We make judgements on the daily about people we don’t even know. All we do is assume, and it has never been beneficial. Have you ever met someone with a certain bias, and felt guilty for realizing that what you thought of them beforehand ? Don’t put yourself in the same situation over and over.

It’s a risk to break the ice. But who’s to say that you shouldn’t try?

This blog post made me realize all of this, there’s still a lot more content that you can grab from this blog post, and it’s worth it. It’s a fun read too.

Look At Things Different

Guess Who I AmGuessGuess Who I Am

Do you know the person next to you?

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This product is “cruelty-free”

There’s a lot of consumer mistrust when it comes to beauty products. There are tons of beauty brands in the market that claim they’re cruelty free, but sometimes their suppliers aren’t, which makes you think you’re supporting animal testing. It’s good to be aware of what you’re ACTUALLY supporting. After reading mybeautybunny’s blog, I’d agree somewhat that supporting cruelty free companies with parent companies that use animal testing is actually…good. In a way it seems like you’re supporting animal testing, but if the company sparks popularity it can help bring change that companies can strive without relying on animal testing. But for the most part, it helps keep the parent company in business, parent companies will continue to endorse animal testing. At the same time, you’re also supporting the parent company indirectly. So to avoid supporting parenting companies that aren’t cruelty free, I’ve created a list.

Here are some Brands that do and don’t test on animals:

Companies that DON’T test on animals

  • milani cosmetics
  • lush cosmetics
  • E.L.F.
  • Markwins(Wet n Wild)
  • Ciaté
  • Limecrime(also 100% vegan)
  • Anastasia Beverly Hills
  • Eco Tools(also 100% vegan)
  • Hempz(also 100% vegan)

If the brand you’re purchasing comes from any of these companies, the parent companies use animal testing, but there are exceptions of some brands being cruelty free under these names…

*side note* the names listed in the parentheses are NOT the exception

  • L’oreal(Maybelline, Lancome, Garnier, Biotherm, Shu Uemura, etc)
  • Procter & Gamble(Herbal essences, Clairol, Aussie, Tide, Old Spice, Febreeze, Downy, Crest, etc.)
  • Unilever(Dove,Tresemme,Ponds, Nexxus, St. Ives. etc)
  • Estee Lauder(Mac, Clinique,Bumble and bumble, Bobbi Brown,Michael Kors, Coach, etc.)
  • Clorox(Pine-sol, Ever clean, Clorox, Glad, etc.)
  • Shiseido(Bare Escentuals)

These are some trustworthy blogs which include more makeup brands that are and aren’t cruelty-free:


I’m currently sick right now, and I feel terrible. I just want to sleep all day and cry about the homework I have to finish by tonight. My brother randomly just brought a lot of snacks including hot cheetos, lays barbeque chips, kit kat, twix, gummy worms, and hersheys chocolate. This is probably some 6 year old’s dream, unfortunately I can’t enjoy ANY of it because I’m sick. So I have compiled a list of the good and the bad parts of being sick, let’s go!

Being Sick Sucks and here’s why:

  • you can’t taste anything, therefore you can’t enjoy any of the good food you eat during the time you’re sick
  • loss of appetite, especially when people buy you amazing food
  • you feel nauseous during the worst times(in school, work, etc)
  • you have to be conservative with your coughs and sneezes, so you’re constantly battling whether you should hold your cough or sneeze in
  • you have to hold your cough or sneeze in so people won’t be as annoyed as you
  • you can’t eat dairy products because it worsens your mucus, that means ICE CREAM, CHEESE, MILK
  • the minute the cough drop goes away is the minute your throat starts feeling like a sandbox
  • you’re tired constantly, even if you got enough sleep
  • you need tissues by your side like an iv tube
  • you have to eat healthier
  • you have to force unnatural amounts of water down your system
  • you can’t breathe out of your nose
  • you don’t feel like doing anything and that means watching a movie
  • you can’t wear awesome clothes
  • for some reason you’re voice box is like “nah, not today or the next couple of days” next thing you know you sound like nasally 12 year old boy nervously asking a girl to the eighth grade dance
  • your ears are blocked for 10 years

Before you start boiling with anger from remembering these experiences, here are reasons why having the common cold can be somewhat okay.

  • you feel extra toasty warm when you drink tea
  • you can eat healthy food without being bothered because you can’t taste it(hooray!)
  • you can easily pretend you’re feeling so awful you can’t bother to make yourself some food, so you get your brothers to
  • when you actually need to go to the bathroom when you’re in school, teachers are way more lenient
  • people stay away from you
  • family members are nicer to you
  • people don’t bother you(this mostly applies to introverts)
  • you get to eat cough drops(maybe it’s just me, but I’m a fan of cough drops)

I’m feeling terrible and I’ll probably wake up the next morning feeling less terrible. I could have sped up this cold, but that means I have to eat healthy and stay away from junk foods, which is …no bueno for me. Happy sunday to all!