Money isn’t Success

I feel like I’m the only person that gets an anxiety attack at the thought of college. There is so much pressure that you face when you’re in high school, and this is only my second year. I think it’s bizarre how people expect you know to what you want to be for the rest of your life in just four years. Time is moving faster than ever and being that I am a decent high school student, it’s hard to find free time to explore your interests and skills. Just thinking about the future is generally scary. I feel like college is encouraged to make you believe that going, will lead to success. People say if you succeed in school, you will succeed in life and this is true to a certain extent. However success shouldn’t be measured by the amount of money you make/have. Getting good grades in school shows that you’re a hard worker and that you can follow directions well, but how can this apply to our lives outside of our future jobs we may or may not have. In a way, I feel it’s implemented in our brains, that school should be our main focus. We’re told to go to school so we can go to college, which allows us to get a job. This means that money is the core reason why most students go to school. To many, earning a living seems to be our main focus in life. I think the majority of kids that go to school only focus on what they need to learn to earn a good grade. Some students will even join extracurricular activities just so they can make an impression to the school they’re applying for, even if they have no interest in the activity they’re involved in. The value of learning drops, as competition rises. School no longer feels like a place of learning, it just feels like you’re competing for your life in the Hunger Games. Our own desires become second to getting the job we want. To most, the information we learn in school becomes extra “fluff”-things we’re only studying for to attain our dream job. Learning is important as it can help shape who we become and increases our analytical abilities, we should also want to learn solely concerning our education, not where you’ll be in four years. Investing your time on gaining more money will lead you nowhere, so rely on school to help educate you into who you want to be, and this is where real success is achieved. Who we are in school, doesn’t define who we are.

suli breaks